Healthy Fluffy Milk Buns

Want a delicious yet healthy bread recipe? You have come to the right place!
This bread recipe below has a soft fluffy texture and is so versatile as you can top it with any ingredients of your choice to make the bread according to your preference!
If you are wary about calories, don’t worry! For this recipe has been modified to be healthier, so you can enjoy the bread without feeling guilty. Bon Appetit!


Full Recipe:


Milk Buns Recipe (makes 16 mini buns)



150g Low Fat Milk
25g Warm Water
30g Sugar
3g Yeast
250g Bread Flour
2g Salt
30g Unsalted Butter


Step 1: In a jug, mix warm water, milk, sugar and yeast together and allow to sit for 10-15mins.

Step 2: In a mixer bowl, add in flour, salt and milk mixture.

Step 3: Using a kitchen mixer or handheld mixer with a dough hook attached, mix on low mode and gradually increase to medium speed.

Step 4: Mix and knead till dough starts to come together, allowing the gluten to form.

Step 5: Then add in butter and continue to knead till the dough comes together and away from the mixing bowl.

Step 6: Allow to rest about an hour as first proof or until double in size.

Step 7: Remove dough from mixer and on a floured countertop, knead gently and form a ball with the dough.

Step 8: Using a bread scrape, cut into 45g pieces or just divide evenly into 16 pieces.

Step 9: Roll them into balls and place into a baking tin. Allow to sit for about 30 mins for second proof.

Step 10: Preheat the oven to 160 Degrees.

Step 11: Dust some flour on the buns before going into the oven for 15 mins.

Note: Besides these fluffy milk buns, you can also stuff them with cheese, herbs or any other ingredients of your choice!


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