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Healthy Fluffy Milk Buns

Want a delicious yet healthy bread recipe? You have come to the right place! This bread recipe below has a soft fluffy texture and is so versatile as you can top it with any ingredients of your choice to make the bread according to your preference! If you are wary about calories, don’t worry! For this recipe has been modified to be healthier, so you can enjoy the bread without feeling guilty. Bon Appetit!   Full Recipe:   Milk Buns Recipe (makes 16 mini buns)   Ingredients: 150g Low Fat…

Christmas Recipe: Apple Pie Popsicle

      Sharing with you a healthy and simple recipe for you and your family to enjoy while adding a little excitement to your Christmas!  This Apple Pie Popsicle recipe is the ice cream version of the popular apple pie dessert, where we have now modified the usual apple pie recipe to be lower in calories and sugar. The steps involved to make it are also simpler, so anyone can confidently make it and serve it as a dessert to guests during Christmas gatherings! When you consume this dessert,…

Millet Croquette Burger with Healthy Herb Mayonnaise

Sharing with you another of our recipe developed in-house, Millet Croquette Burger with Healthy Herb Mayonnaise packed with whole grain goodness. This recipe uses ingredients which provides heart-protective properties, cholesterol-lowering effect and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Now, you can enjoy healthy food without compromising on taste and textures. Click the link below to watch the cooking tutorial and recipe.     Recipe tutorial video can be found below :

Recipe Development

One of our service forte is on healthy recipe development that is innovative and creative. We include in our recipe development in-house, food photography and nutrient analysis of recipes.

Cook & Bake Healthily

Sharing with you our esteem working partners, on bringing the joy of eating cakes and desserts with the use of iLite, a sugar replacer that we have trialed and tested. We aim to bring more sweet and also savory recipes, both local and International cuisines in the coming months. We aim to be able to provide an alternative in both nutrition cooking and baking techniques where people wanting to look after overall health, or people with diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure can benefit from this without compromising on taste...