Michele Wong

Director and Principal Dietitian
Founder of NutriWerkz is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Practicing Nutritionist (APN) from Australia. Michele holds a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from Flinders University of South Australia and is a certified Sports Dietitian with Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA). She also has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Southern Cross University, Australia.


Michele has extensive experience in clinical nutrition during her nine years stint at a large restructured hospital. Her area of  nutrition focus was with people with Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Wilson’s disease, and metabolic health. In addition, she is experienced in food and beverage management especially in a hospital setting. As a sports dietitian, she has a keen interest in athlete performance and metabolic disease management.


She is also well versed in managing diet-intervention, metabolic diseases and energy metabolism research trials. Combination of her clinical nutrition and research experiences equips her with the fundamental skills to apply in preventive healthcare management.


She is a co-author of a recipe and information book “The Softer Side of Eating” on modified consistency food and fluids specially catered for people with swallowing difficulties or poor dentition to nourish well and eat safely.


Michele enjoys discovering new culture and food habits through her readings and travel that can be translated to working on new ingredients and cooking methods. Michele firmly believes that each individual has different needs and therefore bespoke nutrition services with a keen listening ear becomes eminent.

Charmaine Toh

Director and Consultant Dietitian

Co-founder of the company through common goals and interest with Michele. Charmaine holds both Bachelor of Science (Nutrition), and Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics from Curtin University of Technology, Perth Australia. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance (University of London).


Charmaine had built her clinical nutrition experience in various areas in a large restructured hospital especially in the care of bariatric patients with overweight and obesity problems in pre and post- bariatric procedure.


She moved on in her career where she immersed more into community nutrition and health promotion management. She provides individual nutrition consultations to patients and their caregivers on chronic diseases, weight-related issues (adult and children), childhood nutrition issues, nutrition during pregnancy and elderly nutrition issues. In addition, she conducts public nutrition talks and workshops in the community.


She has a keen interest in weight loss and chronic disease management. She also enjoys cooking, baking, traveling, jogging and catching up with friends. Charmaine is a firm believer in the concept that eating in moderation with realistic awareness and this keeps the motivation and mood better for long term behavior modifications in people.