Healthy Fruit roll

A great quick and fuss-free healthy snack idea that uses minimal ingredients. All you need is some rice paper rolls and a variety of fruits you can find in the fridge.

Full Recipe:(1 servings)


4 (40g) Small Rice Sheets

60g Mango, remove seed and skin – sliced

60g kiwi, remove skin-sliced

115g banana, remove skin- slice

9 blueberries

1 small sprig (3g) Mint Leaves

**A variety of fruits can be used like dragon fruits, 


  1. On a plate, fill with some water. Dip in one piece of rice sheet till evenly covered with water, quickly remove the sheet and any excess water.
  2. Place fruits onto the centre of the sheet and roll.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all four sheets are rolled. Serve.

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