NUTRI-Growth Workshop Series

“Taking the important steps to prepare basic ingredients for a healthy and happy family lifestyle”

Brain Development

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA are important in the development of brain function for learning and behavior. Come join us to experience the various sources of omega-3 in our meals!

Menu: Salmon Cauliflower Bake & Werkz Kimbap


Protect yourself and your family and learn all about foods with Vitamin A, E, C and Zinc! Find out more on the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for different age-groups.

Menu: Avocho Smoothie & Apple Pomodoro Chicken


Dietary fiber help in promoting healthy stool movement, regulate levels of sugar in the blood, amongst many other benefits. Find out about the function and sources of soluble and insoluble fiber through hands-on experiences in the kitchen with us!

Menu: Cheesy Chicken Pattie & Whitty Smile Pancake

Gut Health

The importance of a healthy gut includes absorption of key nutrients, protect against harmful bacteria and toxins in the body, and many more key roles. Find out more with us on the sources of prebiotics and probiotics.

Menu: Fresh Vietnam Wrap & Simplicity Lamb Stew